Start page numbering on second page of word document

A quick tip if you need to start autonumbering pages of a word document from the second page.

Go to insert > page numbers. This will pop up a box where you need to deselect a box that says “Show number of the first page”. This will cause the numbering to display from the second page onwards.

This is perfect if you wish the numbering to start with 2, which for most people is a tad useless! To get the numbering to start at 1, when inserting the page numbers click on Format. At the bottom of the format options you can select to start the numbering at a certain number. Enter 0 in this box and the numbering of your document will start at 0, which won’t be displayed in your document, then your first numbered page will be 1!

4 thoughts on “Start page numbering on second page of word document”

  1. wow, thanks alot.

    most simplest explanation i’ve read so far. Even though other sites have provided screen shots of how to do this i still couldn’t make my second page start from 1.


  2. Thanks for the help searched everywhere but no one mentioned to change it to 0(I kept thinking to try 2 for some reason). I tried a negative number but it doesn’t wok so I guess the cover page will take precedence here. Awesome, thanks again.

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