Could not connect to Steam Network

When trying to login to steam you get “Could not connect to Steam Network” and when you enter your password you get the same.

First check your Internet connection and Firewall settings, if you are still getting this problem navigate to your steam folder (c:\program files\valve\steam) and delete clientregistry.blob.

Restart Steam and see if it logs in. If not delete AppUpdateStats.blob, this should force steam to check for updates and look for a connection.

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  1. Hey i havent read all the posts but u can use Anchor Free to change your IP and update steam. When the update overs you will be able to login. Then just disconect Hotspot Shield and thats all …

  2. I have had Steam since the beginning of 2009 and it has worked like a dream … until now. After the last automatic update (yesterday) it will not connect with my Steam account. I have trawled the Internet and tried every solution suggested, but to no avail. It simply says that it could not connect etc., etc. I am purple with anger and frustration as I am deeply into Napoleon.Total War …. guess I have lost my saves now 🙁 IF anyone, anywhere discovers a solution please let me know. Thank you. David.
    PS – I have written to Steam.

  3. this dont work ;( pls tell me what i cand because i buyed counter strike and steam wont work on my computer ;(

  4. i know what do to
    all you guys have to do is to find the file,that called steaminstall.exe in your computer,Then when you start the steaminstall.exe file click on repair ,and then all your problem with your steam will be gone have fun playing. 🙁 sorry for bad english.

  5. You deserve a medal!
    Have read all the Steam threads and i couldn’t find anything on this problem and then my friend Google found you!

    Thanks man!

  6. Thank you so much. Deleting the ClientRegistry.blob file along side the appupdatestats.blob file did the trick for me.

  7. Wow! Amazing how easy this was. I wasn’t sure if it would work…Thankfully it did. Steam needs to step up and make their software more adaptable so we don’t have to fix their bugs.

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