Xbox Live 80169d94 Status code

When trying to redeem an xbox 360 live code you recieve ‘Xbox Live 80169d94 Status code’.

The only fix for this is to ring Microsoft Xbox Support and ask to speak to the xbox live billing department. The error is caused by suspected fraud on the account or from you trying to update your billing details and failing a number of times.

Some users have noted that the error occurred after settling bills on various online shops and online poker rooms but there’s no concrete word from MS about this.

You will need to ask for second tier support who should then arrange to call you back within 72 hours.

Alternatively you would need to create a new xbox live account.

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  1. I just phoned MS support today on 0800 5871102 (from UK) and selected Accounts and Billing option. The problem seems to be due to incorrect address/phone number infomation associated with the Gamertag. So even if you have entered the name and address correctly where you add a new credit card, you need to type this all in again in a separate screen associated with that Gamertag.

    They gave me a website where you can do this easier than doing it on the Xbox – it is Login here using the e-mail you have associated with the problematic gamertag. then hit “Go to personal information” and correct the address/phone number.

    I have not checked this has actually worked yet, but the MS support person seemed confident that it would work…why they couldn’t post this fix on the FAQ page heaven knows!

  2. Dose it matter, sense i have two credit cards on my xbox live. and the city name is in all caps on one and only the first letter is caps on the other??

  3. Is there antway to solve the status code: 80169d94 ploblem please someone tell me

  4. so if i just ring up microsoft and fix the billing issue i can add a difrent credit card and it would work

  5. I own an Xbox and a Playstation and both are really good game consoles. Let’s see what are Microsoft’s future updgrades on its Xbox game console.’:~

  6. Good god don’t even think of putting a credit card on xbox live, someone stole my son’s gamer tag, spent $125. on the cc card. I immediately reclaimed his gamer tag after the damage and he didn’t give out any of his info for this to happen and I have read that others that this has happened to say the same thing. Xbox has a glitch that allows others to steal their info. Microsoft did refund my money in a quick manner I will give them that but it shouldn’t have happened anyway. Now I am trying to redeem points for him and I get this error code, called support went through the first lady, then another and he gave me the story that there is maintenance going on with their servers and also another map is out which leads to undue bandwith usage but to try again later. Yeah right I told him it has to do with billing and the last incident but he said if I couldn’t redeem the points later to call them back. What a crock, I know it has to do with the card on there which after the fraud I canceled immediately but it still will not let me remove the card although there is a button to do that but will not work. There should be a law that say’s a corp cannot keep your card hostage. Be aware DO NOT PUT YOUR CC CARD ON XBOX.

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