BES Server Logs

Here are the abbreviations for the BES Server Logs:

ACNV = BlackBerry Attachment Conversion
ALRT = BlackBerry Alert
ASRV = BlackBerry Attachment Service
BBUA = BlackBerry User Admin Service
CBCK = Backup Connector
CEXC = Exchange Connector
CMNG = Management Connector
CNTS = Notes Connector
CONN = BlackBerry Synchronization Connector
CTRL = BlackBerry Controller
DISP = BlackBerry Dispatcher
HHCG = BlackBerry Configuration Tool
MAGT = BlackBerry Messaging Agent
MDAT = BlackBerry Mobile Data Service
MDBC = BlackBerry Database Consistency Service
MNGR = BlackBerry Manager
POLC = BlackBerry Policy Service
ROUT = BlackBerry Router
SYNC = BlackBerry Synchronization Service

These are located in:

C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Logs

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