Migrating from Parallels Desktop to VirtualBox

If you’re upgrading to Mavericks and don’t want to have to pay for a new Parallels version then you can use the free VirtualBox.

In this scenario I’m going from Parallels 4.0 to Virtual Box 4.3.10. If you are migrating from a later version of Parallels you might be able to skip the first 7 steps.

  1. In the Parallels folder open Parallels Transporter
  2. Click Continue
  3. Select Express
  4. Select Virtual Machine
  5. Select Virtual Disk
  6. Choose your Parallels virtual machine
  7. Click Migrate
  8. Wait about an hour
  9. Find the .pvm file for your converted virtual machine.
  10. Right click and select ‘Show package contents’
  11. Right click on the .hdd file and select ‘Show package contents’
  12. Copy the .hds file to somewhere else
  13. Rename the .hds file to .hdd
  14. Open VirtualBox
  15. Create a new Virtual Machine with the .hdd file from above as the virtual disk.
  16. Run your virtual machine!

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