redsn0w hangs on “uploading ramdisk”

If when using redsn0w to jailbreak your iphone you find it hangs at “uploading ramdisk” take the following steps to resolve the problem.


Close and reopen redsn0w

Before selecting your firmware open task manager and find the redsn0w.exe process. Right click this process and click Set affinity.

Uncheck CPU 0 in the Processor Affinity menu.

Carry on using redsn0w as normal and the problem should be solved!

HP DESIGNJET ColorPro CAD, HP DESIGN JET ColorPro GA Service Manual

Follow the link to download the service manual for :

HP Designjet ColorPro CAD Service Manual

HP Designjet ColorPro GA Service Manual ColorPro CAD, ColorPro GA Service Manual.pdf

Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 – The command is not available. Out of Office Assistant

When trying to use the Out of Office Assistant from the tools menu in outlook 2003 you receive a message stating : –

The command is not available. See the program documentation about how to use this extension.

To resolve this problem you will need to re-enable the outex.dll addin/file.

To do this go to > Help > About Microsoft office outlook > Disabled items. Click on outex.dll and select enable.

Restart outlook and you should be good to go again!

System config file ‘’ not found when booting OS X 86 dvd

Simple solution to this one, Use a different DVD Drive. No combination of cabling, slave master or cable select would by pass this issue for me.

Plugged in a different DVD drive and the same disk booted without a problem.

Problem creating partition with Diskpart for OS X install

When preparing your hard drive for an OS X 86 install you will generally need to create an active partition with an id=af using the commands below.

list disk
select disk x [x is the number of the disk where you want to install your leopard on it]
list partition [Now diskpart should tell you there’s no partition on the disk, if it show up a partition go ahead and type delete partition]
create partition primary id=af

Unfortunately sometimes when you reach the line “create partition primary id=af” you may hit a snag when diskpart brings up an error message stating “the arguements specified for this command are not valid”.

To fix this, you need to go the disk management facility in windows (right click my computer – manage) then storage. Select the disk and right click it, it should now offer you an option to “Convert to MBR disk”. This is instead of GPT. Select this and retry the create partition command. The partition should now successfully create!

Internet explorer could not open this internet site…

…The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later.


A user received this error message when opening a word document from a website. The document opened on other accounts so was definitely to do with the users settings.


If you receive this error in a similar situation try the following

In Internet Explorer go to

Tools > Options > Advanced


Under security make sure that “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” is un checked.


Press OK and try and download the document again.

Restart print spooler in Windows XP / Server 2003

Go to Start > Run > type in Services.msc

Scroll down and select Print Spooler

Right click and click restart

You should get a windows showing the print spooler stopping and then starting again.

This can be used to fix the majority of stuck print jobs, or if a printer has simply stopped responding.

Adobe Acrobat Standard OCR problem

I have recently had several users experience a problem within Adobe Acrobat Standard whereby when using the basic OCR functions they receive an error message.

The error message states that the imaging service is either not available or is not responding.

This seems to be caused by a memory overload when using OCR on large documents.

To revive the service you will need to close down Adobe and then in the task manager end and instances of “capserve.exe”

Once you have done that try performing OCR on a few pages (10-15 or less) at a time. This reduces the instances of the problem significantly!

Create an Autosignature in Outlook 2003

To create a simple signature in outlook 2003 follow the steps below.

  1. From your main outlook window (not within an email) go to tools and options
  2. In the options menu click on the Mail Format tab
  3. At the bottom of the mail format tab select Signatures
  4. Click New
  5. Add in a name for your signature and click next
  6. Fill in the details you wish to appear at the bottom of every new email automatically
  7. Click Finish and OK (several times!)

Press New to create a new email and marvel in your new autosignature glory!