redsn0w hangs on “uploading ramdisk”

If when using redsn0w to jailbreak your iphone you find it hangs at “uploading ramdisk” take the following steps to resolve the problem.


Close and reopen redsn0w

Before selecting your firmware open task manager and find the redsn0w.exe process. Right click this process and click Set affinity.

Uncheck CPU 0 in the Processor Affinity menu.

Carry on using redsn0w as normal and the problem should be solved!

Html Form Buttons not displaying correctly in mobile safari [Solved]

This is problem caused by safari attempting to default buttons in the mobile browser to its own apple look. A simple fix can be done using CSS. First add a class to your input button tag in the form which you may already have put there:

<input type="submit" value="SUBMIT" name="submit" class="mySubmitClass" />

then in your stylesheet add the following to fix the issue once and for all:

.mySubmitClass {
    -webkit-appearance: none;

iPhone – Exchange Account Verification Failed

When you try to add a new exchange account on your iphone  you get ‘exchange account verification failed’ or ‘cannot connect to server’. This might also be causing Server ActiveSync 3005 errors in the event viewer.

In exchange 2003 (on server 2003)

1. Expand Global Settings

2. Right click Mobile Services and select properties

3.  Tick both boxes under ‘Outlook Mobile Access’ – Enable Outlook Mobile Access and Enable Unsupported devices.

4. Wait at least 5 minutes and try your iPhone again.

UPDATE: Microsoft have released a tool for testing active sync problems – it is very useful for diagnosing problems with iPhone connections.

In my most recent case the problem was caused by  deny access being set under the Microsoft-Server-Activesync website.

To fix: Open IIS manager, expand default website, right click on Microsoft-Server-Activesync and select properties, select directory security, click edit under IP address and domain name restrictions. Click Granted accces and click ok – restart IIS.

Blackberry Calendar Sync Problem

Recently I came across a problem whereby a blackberry users handset would synchronise with all elements of exchange except for their calendar. Below are the steps I used to troubleshoot the issue and an additional step as a last resortt, which thankfully I did not have to use!

Step 1 > Go to Calendar on the handset and then options. In the options menu check that Wireless Synchronization is turned on.

Step 2 > If the above fails, In the calendar switch to Events view. Customise the view by pressing Filters button, go to Advanced, and delete the filter. Go to the Events list, which at this point should show everything in the calendar. Look out for a yellow icon in the left hand column. This indicates that there is a conflict. Double click on the yellow icon to resolve it. Perform the same steps with the Address book.

After performing the above do a full reboot (remove the battery and replace) and leave 30 minutes or so for syncing.

Step 3 > If the above 2 options fail, go to Settings/Tools > Options > Advanced Options > Service Books. Find the Desktop[CICAL] service book. Resend this service book (or get your BES admin to do it!). If you have desktop manager available, simply plug your blackberry in and it should pull down automatically.

Drastic Option 1 > Wipe the device by going to Settings/Tools > Options > Security Options > General Options. Click and select “Wipe Handheld”. Once this has finished do an Enterprise Activation.

Drastic Option 2 > Perform Drastic Option 1 but before activating/Turning wireless on, delete and re configure/setup the account on BES.

Hope this helps!